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    The Master-Repository update fails

      Hi, I'm really new to the EPO 4.5 application


      My problem is that the Master-Repository update fails with the errorcode 11001.

      I tried to update from with McAfeeHttp also with the McAfeeFtp option. I get the same errorcode.

      This happens when I set the manual proxyconfiguration.


      When I set "Don't use a proxy" I get the errorcode 10060. It finds a file named "catalog.z", but it can't download it from the update.nai.com:80 site.


      Can someone help me and tell me which settings I have to check to provide a succsessfull connection to get an master-repository update?


      PS: I read other discussions about these errocodes, but I really don't get a solution for my problem.


      Thanks for any help