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    Issue with Google Redirects



      I having an issue with google redirects in IE9, I am running Vista Service Pack 2.  After the redirects started happening, I ran several thorough scans using both both McAfee Security Center and Malwarebytes and neither program came up with any viruses.  I contacted McAfee suport via chat, and the tech took over the computer and confirmed that I did indeed have a virus.  After that, I went to the discussion board and found this link and this document.  I made sure I had the latest Windows and McAfee Security Suite updates and ran the McAfee scan in safe mode, the scan did not detect any viruses.  I then ran the stinger in safe mode, and it did not detect any viruses either.  Finally, I adjusted the setting on stinger -- per the "Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting" document above -- and it said that it found 2 viruses and 2 trojans.  The stinger report is below:


      Scan initiated on Thu Mar 31 01:52:02 2011

      C:\Program Files\HP Games\uninstall.exe

           Found theArtemis!9BB3F2B8AFD4 trojan !!!

      C:\Program Files\HP Games\uninstall.exe is infected with theArtemis!9BB3F2B8AFD4 virus !!!


           Found theArtemis!D6163DB67AB2 trojan !!!

      C:\System.sav\util\CHKIMAGE.exe is infected with theArtemis!D6163DB67AB2 virus !!!

        Number of cleanfiles: 214655

        Number of infectedfiles: 2


      I uploaded the files to WebImmune to scan for viruses and both files came back as inconclusive.  I also went to the McAfee Threat Intelligence website for help on dealing with the viruses, but searching for the viruses did not yield any results. 


      I'm not sure what the next step is in removing the viruses from my computer, any help would be appreciated.