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    Re-installing EPO




      I have a EPO running with 1000 clients.

      If i would reinstall the computer running EPO 4.5 and install 4.6 with new os/db/EPO kepping the same dns-name , would my current clients automaticly check into my new epo?


      If not, what do i have to do on the clients to get them to use my new server?



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          Assuming you also use MA 4.5 then no, they will not.

          Security keys in ePO 4.5 & 4.6 are tied to the specific server. New server = new keys = agent communication no longer works after (as it also uses the keys).

          Still, the keys are not the only concern. You also need to consider migration of policies and tasks etc...


          See McAfee support articles KB67018 and KB66616.


          Basically you would need to install the new as ePO 4.5 (same patch level as before) and migrate the old server info & db per KB66616.

          Then you validate the new server talks ok to the existing agents.

          Then you upgrade the new server to ePO 4.6


          Or you upgrade the old server  to ePO 4.6 first, install the new server also as ePO 4.6 then follow the same KB to move in the old data.


          You won't be able to go from ePO 4.5 on one machine to ePO 4.6 on another and maintain agent communictions, policies or tasks.

          This can all be quite involved, make sure you really need to do this before embarking on it.





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            I suspected it was the keys that would be a problem.

            Policy and tasks could be handled.


            I´m going to keep my existing installation and do a upgrade to 4.6.


            Thank you for the information