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      I would like some information about the "Rapport" software.  http://www.trusteer.com/support/faq/about-rapport

      My bank wants me to use this.  Should I?

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          Please let me know what is the McAfee product that was installed on your PC is it, McAfee Total Protection or McAfee Internet Security?


          Both the McAfee products have advanced capability of protecting your PC when compared to Rapport.

          Having both Rapport and McAfee products together may end up with compatibility issue with the security.

          So, I would recommend you to continue with the existing McAfee product.


          on 3/31/11 6:17:54 PM CDT
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            I have McAfee Total Protection.


            I have done some more research, and it appears that what Rapport does is different from what McAfee does.  The claim is that Rapport will NOT interfere with McAfee, and add to the protection.