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    MVM and Windows 7x64

      I recently updated from the older Foundstone product to the newer McFee Vulnerability Manger 7 (MVM).  I am running into an issue scanning Windows 7 x64 machines.  Every time I conduct a scan the Operating System Summary shows them as [ Unknown ].  I have tried several differnt techniques ranging from allowins all ports from and to the server on the client and even disabled the Windows Firewall as well as disabled the McAfee Access Protection and On Demand Scanning on the client.  But I still get the Unknown system found.


      Any help would be great.




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          Hi Paulhorn,

          you have to enable the service "Remote Registry". It happened to me before and I resolved it as described.


          Good luck!



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            Thanks for the quick reply.  I went ahead and enabled the service along with the WMI that the documentation shows but it still reports [ Unknown ].  I am thinking it might be with the Group Policy that it is in.  I have it in one that is defined by the United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB).  Will attempt to place it in the default domain policy to see if it works.  Wouldnt think it would be that since the XP machines are in one that is driven from the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC).


            UPDATE:  It was an issue with the USGCB Group Policy for sure.  Took it out to the default domain and it reported as Windows Vista along with info on services. 


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