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    MWG-7 error



      we are using a mwg-7 and from time to time some of our users get this error message



      An internal error occured while processing your request.



      URL: http://www.google.bg/

      URL Categories:

      Current Rule ID: 15829

      Current Rule Name: Allow matching hostname

      Error Message: (10056) Internal rule engine error: property is in unexpected state.


      in /opt/mwg/log/mwg-errors/mwg-core.errors.log


      [2011-03-31 11:52:29.045 +03:00] [Core] [WrongPropState] ARuleElem: RetrievePropertyValue: State of Property com.scur.engine.certificatefilter.ssl.certificate.cn is kPropError.



      does someone have the same problem and is there a solution for this.

      currently I'm disabled ssl scanner and looks like the problem disapear, but this is not solution.



      best regards

      Yordan Boikov


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          btw with mwg 7.1 the problem still exist.

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            Hello Yordan,


            the URL mentioned here is a HTTP URL (http://www.google.bg/), but the rule name and the error message suggest that the error occured in the SSL ruleset. This should only be used for HTTPS URLs and normally MWG would not evaluate those rules for normal, unencrypted requests.


            The error that happens here is that MWG will try to check if the host from the URL matches the one mentioned in the server certificate. As this isn't a SSL connection there is no certificate MWG can check. That causes this error.


            You might want to raise a support ticket for this problem, because someone needs to check your rules to see if there is an error in the criteria for this ruleset.





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              thanks for your replay. There was a stupid mistake in SSL rules. Ruleset "Verify ommon name (transperant setup)" was enabled, but we using proxy setup, so after disabled it the problem disapear.



              Yordan Boikov