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    Help "MS File Scan" (Nasty as hell)

      One of my home computers is infected with a rather malicious piece of software called "MS File Scan".  Only runs in normal operating mode.  Doesn't run in safe mode.  Plus, when I run computer in safe mode and run McAfee scan it finds nothing wrong with my computer.  Also, of course, this nasty assed peice of crap doesn't show up in control panel software uninstall.


      When in normal mode, machine loads up normally and runs normally until malicious software runs.  The wallpaper goes away.  Nothing on the computer runs.  No matter what you try to run it tells you that one of the critical exe's is infected.  Then this nasty piece of work "ms File Scan" runs and begins a FAKE scan of the computer.  It finds a whole **** load of make believe infected crap.  Interesting note, the supposed infected files that it finds, the path to the files it displays never matches the actual directory that is being scanned.  It, of course, promises to fix all your problems for only $79.95 for lifetime.


      RIGHT!  There's no way in hell their getting my credit card information.  I'd rather scrap and restore to factory condition than do that.


      HELP!  has anybody else run into this nasty assed thing?