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    Clean Database



      My existing ePO server is performance slow and Database is exceed 100GB. McAfee support told me that it not healthy, overload and it might corrupted. (ePO and DB are separate server, same subnet different IP.) I have a migration plan which migrate existing ePO to higher spec server. Hostname and Ip remain the same. What im concern is, The issue will still remain even if ePO server had migrated to higher spec server, as the Database size still exceed 100GB. Therefore, i plan to reinstall my database or purge not necessary event. After reinstall/purge event(except agent info.), i need all agent still able contact to ePO server. Is it possible to achieve this goal? As i need a permenant solution to solve this issue, the best way is reinstall the database. Kindly need you advice.


      Thank you

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          Purge the events you do not need first, then see how much space you save and also if the performance improves.

          You should also check to see if it's the Sql transaction log that is big rather than the actual database. If it's the transaction log, then truncate it - we don't use it for recovery with ePO.


          You don't say which version of ePO or Sql is used, but you might also want to run some basic database maintenance too.

          Perhaps use the sqlmaint utlity to rebuild the indexes and squish the dead space in the database.


          See how you are after all that before thinking about moving ePO.