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    Infection called, "Microsoft Security 2011"


      Good evening,


           Earlier this evening, while reading a report on a website called ripoffreport.com, I was suddenly thrown out and my Desktop screen was then displayed.  (NOTE:  I have visited this website many times over the past year or so without any incident like this occurring).  Almost immediately, a dialog box opened.  In the top left corner, it said, "Microsoft Security 2011."  Then it says, "Scanning", and a list of supposed infections/trojans begins appearing in the dialog box.  I attempted to get rid of the dialog box and run Malwarebytes, but the box kept re-appearing and this malware apparently neutralizes the ability to run the Malwarebytes software I have on the computer.  Of course, the McAfee Security Suite software I have on the computer did not detect this malware.  This malware installed a "Microsoft shield logo" symbol on my Taskbar as well.  Additionally, the malware also caused the McAfee software to generate a red message that my system was unprotected; the Firewall was turned off, and Automatic Updates was turned off.


      To quickly summarize, the last thing I tried was a System Restore to 24 hours earlier, which was successful.  When I ran a full scan with Malwarebytes (which I was now able to do), it found 3 infected files on the hard drive.  I clicked on the "Remove" button to get rid of the infected files.


      Has anyone heard of this malware program or any other effective methods of dealing with it?   Also, does Malwarebytes completely remove the threat?  I have attached a file containing a screenshot of the Malwarebytes scan report for reference.  If there is anything else I can or should do at this point, please let me know.


      Thanks very much for your time, review, and any helpful info!


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