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    Restore and trust........Again!

      Having searched through discussions, I realise the issue of not being able to restore and trust quarantined items that do not fit the 'Possibly unwanted program' category, has been covered repeatedly.

      I've also noticed that some of these posters are particularly cagey about the specific files they wish to restore, I'd say for obvious reasons.


      I'm happy to be rather more forthcoming and admit, that although I largely buy games for my PS3, I do occassionaly download cracked PC games. I've noticed more recently that altered .exe and .dll files included in the cracked content, are being flagged as trojans and that games I've installed in the past and removed are now having files flagged also. Possibly I'm being paranoid, as I'm aware virus definitions are being constantly updated and maybe these files have fallen into an updated category. But it seems odd that it's files created by a particular cracking group, that are affected.


      Being unable to restore these files and given the afore mentioned quarantining, it does feel a little like an intentional policing of illegitimate software, as it's unlikely anyone would send them to Mcafee for evaluation.

      Having said that, it's one thing I'm curious about, does anyone know, or have an idea, what Mcafee would do if I were to send one of these files. Would they pass it, ignore it or even report you for it.


      Regardless of the rights and wrongs of illegal file sharing and whether or not there's any truth to my paranoid beliefs. I don't think it's right that my anti-virus software, that I pay for, can decide what files I'm happy to have on my computer. There's no way that someone that restored a file, that messed up their computer could blame Mcafee for it. As regards the file sharing, I know that my ISP monitors all use of bittorrent software and I have recieved a warning letter in the past for it, so as far as I'm concerned I'm already taking my chances.


      I was wondering if anyone knows if a restore and trust for all files is likely to be included by Mcafee and if not can someone recommend anti-virus software that allows this!!!