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    Rules/Policies depending on Location




      Is it possible to have different settings in the VSE depending on were the computer is located?

      Ex. One Rule/Policy at the office, and one rule when out of the office.


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          If you are talking about timing policy rules for Virus Scanner enterprise I dont think thats avialable for ePO 4 or ePo 45 version for VE 8.5 or 8.7 its only available on the firewall rules policy if i do recall correctly


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            In ePO 4.6 this is possible to an extent. You can create a tag based on an IP range and have the tag get evaluated on each agent-server communication. Then you can setup a policy assignment rule for that tag to apply specific policies. I use this method to apply an agent policy that sets which distributed repositories the device uses, which works pretty nice for all the laptops that we have that go from location to location.


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              Attila Polinger



              I'd like to ask if your laptops are supposed to connect to ePO even from the internet or the location where they do travel are connected to the company WAN of yours containing ePO server?



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                Hi CRS,


                Could you tell me in detail...How you create that?


                Thanks in advance


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                  Attila Polinger

                  Hi sundar,


                  sorry to take CRS's place. Esentially you can create multiple McAfee Agent Repository policy in the Policy Catalog section and create Policy Assignment rules (available from the Menu -  Policy section) so a given policy is assigned to hosts based on certain criteria such as Tags. Tags in turn are assigned to hosts when they meet certain other criteria, such as having certain IP address.


                  So I see it can go like this:


                  1 system checks in

                  2 ePO assigns tag(s) based on criteria (IP)

                  3 policy assignemnt rule triggers and assigns policy based on tags

                  4. policy is downloaded and enforced on system.



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                    This is also possible in ePO 4.0/4.5.


                    Assign ip ranges to your system tree groups and set the System Tree Sorting option in the server settings to "Sort on every ASCI".


                    This way all clients with enabled system tree sorting will move to the corressponding location when there IP changes.


                    Keep in mind that this is a server wide setting.