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    EPO reports all systems non-compliant after 8.8 upgrade

      I deployed VSE 8.8 to our users a day or two ago and now all systems are reporting to EPO 4.5 as non-compliant.   When I go to the main dashboard and to the "McAfee Agent and VirusScan Enterprise (for Windows) Compliance Summary" report they are all reporting that they have agent installed but no engine or DAT version.


      If I physically go to the machines and click on "about" I see that I have VSE installed with DAT 6299.0000 and engine 5400.1158.


      What's going on here?  They reported back to EPO fine with 8.7i.  I've tested a few systems with the eicar file and they all reacted as I would expect, they just seem to be reporting back poorly.



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