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    Invalid License Error after database recovery


      Let me start off by saying that the environment in question is not live. It is the environment I use for testing for trying anything on the live system. So if I've broken it past the point of reasonable recovery, don't worry - I will simply start again and learn from the experience.


      My environment consists of 3 virtual machines:-


      A 2003 Server, running ePO 4.5 (build 937) & SQL 2005 Express Database server

      2 x Windows XP SP3 machines acting as clients, running McAfee Agent 4.5 & VSE 8.7.


      The object of the exercise was to replace the SQL 2005 Express database with SQL 2008 - just to see if it was possible and to partially treat it as an attempted recovery exercise.


      Using KB 52126, I stopped the ePO services and took a backup of the ePO database using Management Studio Express. I then removed SQL 2005 Express and re-booted the server.


      I then installed SQL 2008 Express (not realising at the time that one of the installation options in 2008 Express was to upgrade from 2005!) giving it the exact same instance name as used by the previous 2005 Express installation. Once this was complete, I then restored the database from my backup file, giving the new database the same name as it's 2005 predecessor.


      Using the ODBC tool, I checked to make sure that the database could be contacted and saw that the test was successful. So, I re-started the ePO services and for good measure re-booted the server.


      With the server re-booted, I attempted to connect to ePO and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no obvious database connection errors. But, there was the message "Failed to load license data. To enter a new license go here". Clicking on the link I was taken to a screen which  prompted me for a administrator username and password and provided a field to re-enter the ePO license (which I had written down as a precaution anyway).


      Entering the necessary details and clicking on the Add License it then says "Your license key has been successfully updated".


      Seemingly all is well. However, returning to the login screen it takes much longer for the login box to appear and it states that license for ePolicy Orchestrator is invalid.


      I deleted all temporary data from the browser, just in case this was a cached page, but it hasn't made any difference.


      Any suggestions on what can be done (if anything) and how?


      Thanks in anticipation.