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    DLP Monitor Completely empty

      We are running McAfee EPO 4.5 and just did a mass deployment of DLP to all our workstations in my organization.  We have two networks we manage, the only difference being that the other network is running EPO 4.0...still running DLP like the original network.  My problem is the DLP Monitor is completely empty and I cannot figure out why. I've read a few of the other questions and also some documentation and tried to find the WCF service. I don't see it anywhere on my systems on EITHER network, yet like i said before...one network has a working monitor and the other doesn't.  I've checked into some server tasks like DLP CMA Reporting but the job seems to time out and not do anything to fill up my DLP Monitor. Someone have any advice for me here? What piece is missing on one network that the other has?