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    Installing VSE 8.8 standalone


      Hi All,


      wondering what the best way of installing VSE 8.8 in a standalone manner for computers that dont currently have access to the network.


      We have an issue that an employee working from home was mid way through an upgrade to VSE 8.8 and got disconnected from the network, now they cant reconnect as they have no antivirus installed (we dont have an agent handler accessible via the internet).


      Whats the best way to package up an installer file for the end user to run to get VSE 8.8 installed? I have looked at installation designer but this just appears to be for an updated packaged for ePO rather than end users.


      Also i can grab the install files from the server but not sure how many of the files I need (for example agent only needs that one .exe).


      Any help would be most apprecaited!