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    McAfeee Endpoint Encryption Fatal Error

      Hi everyone,


      I work as an IT at a plant here, and one of my coworkers just ran into an issue. He unwittingly opened a bad attachment and gave himself a virus. Not the problem here, but he thought it would be a good idea to restart the computer. Once he did, he was prompted with an error screen:


      McAfee Endpoint Encryption Fatal Error:

      [0xEE020006] Getting Disk Info


      The computer does not boot past this point and is stuck from here on out. The only things I can do are open a boot screen pressing F12 at the loading screen or F2 to bring up the setup. I can't boot the computer in any other mode like Safe Mode or such. I've done searchs trying to figure out what to do but it seems this problem hasn't been resolved for other users. Any new insight or solutions from anyone here? Thanks!



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          most likely the virus installed a pre-boot root kit and has messed up the MBR etc.


          I would boot off a EETech CD, copy the users data off somewhere safe (and quarentiened so you don't affect anything else!), then you can try to decrypt the machine.


          It may well work in EETech, as the virus won't be running, but you may have to do a forced decrypt unfortunately if the disk information is truly messed up.


          If it's an important machine, of course call your support team and get them to assist.


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            Sounds good. Thanks for the quick response! I hope this will help clear things up...