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    "Not protected" Error



      I hope that this is the forum for Windows Home Server. If not, please advise.


      I just bought an HP MediaSmart Server LX195, and it had Total Protection Service preinstalled.


      The console has an error message which says "Your server is not protected" because "one or more McAfee components are not operational". The only two links are "Launch SecurityCenter" and "About".


      Clicking "Launch SecurityCenter" asks to download software to my laptop, which is weird because the Total Protection Service is already installed on my server. Clicking "About" doesn't help.


      Does anyone know how I can fix this error?





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          I have read your post.


          Please follow the given instructions to get this issue fixed.

          >> Open the Home Server console.
          >> Click on the McAfee Total Protection tab on the top.
          >> Check whether it shows an option to activate now.

          >> If yes, click on it and login to the security center with your email and password in www.mcafeeasap.com
          >> Click on the My Account tab and generate a key under the section "Enrollement Key"

          Enrollment key creation :

          1. Open the www.mcafeeasap.com  and login with your email and password
          2. Click on the My Account tab, please do not hover your mouse pointer on the my accounts tab but click on it, on the top and on the page click on accounts and keys and generate a key under the section "Enrollment Key"

          >> Enter the key in the activation window and click on activate.
          >> It will around 30 minutes to get activated and then it'll show the tasks enabled.

          >> If no, we need to uninstall and reinstall the Total Protection service from your Home server.
          >> To do that Click on "Settings" then "Add-ins" and select the "Installed" tab.
          >> Click on uninstall in Total Protection service.
          >> Your server will be restarted.
          >> Then go back to the same location where we uninstalled the service, Select "Available" tab and clisk on "Intall".
          >> It will be installed and will show you the option to activate now.
          >> Activate the service as I said you above.





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            Thanks for getting back to me.


            I reinstalled the add-in, afterwards the "Activate Now" link appeared. I clicked on it, however, it won't let me activate it.


            I've selected my country (Canada) and province (Alberta), but I keep getting an "Invalid zip code" error. The Postal Code (T1L 1A7) is actually entered in correctly.


            I've tried entering in nothing, a single number, and a random string of five numbers, but I keep getting the same error.


            Is there any way to activate it?


            Many thanks,



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              Hi Shane,


              Please try activating McAfee using the enrollment key.


              I have also given you the steps to get the enrollment key in the security center. Please follow the same trouble shooting steps which I have given you. please contact our technical support if you find any  difficulties in activating McAfee.


              McAfee Gold Business Support : 1-800-937-2237




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                the mcafree ad in isnt in the avaliable or installed tab for me and because my previous internet email shutdown cz i switched providers ic ant access my mcafree acc

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                  Hi kwoc,


                  Please send us your account details like the email address and/or the grant number via Personal message, please do not post it here.


                  Send us a PM with your grant number, so we can check your account details and help you accordingly.



                  Pritish P.

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                    what or how do i find my grant number?

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                      i dont think i was given a grant number as it came with the server disc

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                        Hi Kwoc,


                        You would have got a Grant letter when you purchased the McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection software. Please look in that for the Grant number. You can also provide us with the email address in which you have registered the McAfee software. Please PM us your email address.



                        Pritish P.

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                          i didnt purchase the McAfree protection software the package had come with McAfree, im looking through the discs and theres only 2 things Acer PC recovering disc and Acer Server Recovery disc. does this mean that the seerver did not come with Mcafree?

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