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    Timed Group - set threshhold of how many times it can be activated?


      We have several CAG’s defined and also have a timed groupthat allows for HHTP/HTTPS for 10min. This is for users who are accessing theinternet from public hotspots with a splash page. The rule allows for the userto navigate past eh splash page, and then they must establish a VPN connectionin order to have access extended to them.


      The user simply has to click on activate from the tray icon.Once the time defined in the rule runs out, the connection is closed and accessis once again restricted. However the user simply needs to click activate againand they once again have open access for HTTP/HTTPS to anywhere.


      Is there a way to not allow the rule to be activated saymore than 3 times in 30min? Or ways to report against the use of this rule/groupin ePO and have a notification set to alert when this takes place.

      With the current config, a user simply has to hit activateand they once again can navigate to restricted sites or what not. And while therule will create inconvenience and force most users to connect via VPN, knowingusers many will simply re-activate the rule and continue to break surfingpolicy