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      I see this in several logs


      2067-2-24 22:21 . 2003-02-05 11:02 79947 ----a-w- c:\windows\fw20.vxd


      That is a very strange modified date. Is this by design or has the file been altered by malware?


      The MD5 is fdccfcb07a5ef1b4da039834b07e5fe7 and the file tests clean. The size seems to be correct but the file is unsigned.



      publisher....: n/a

      copyright....: n/a

      product......: n/a

      description..: n/a

      original name: n/a

      internal name: n/a

      file version.: n/a

      comments.....: n/a

      signers......: -

      signing date.: -

      verified.....: Unsigned

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          Peter M

          It would have been the McAfee Firewall Network Driver I think (from a Google search).    With Win 98 none of the current McAfee products will work I'm afraid so if you are using any, albeit old ones, they are next to useless as they haven't been updated in years and might as well be uninstalled.


          That software, is no longer supported and we don't even have access to the FAQ's and Manuals any more so I can't help you much more than that I'm afraid, sorry.


          Windows 98 is obsolete so you would have to scout around to find compatible stuff.





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            Sorry about the old signature, it too is obsolete. The file was taken from an XP machine and the timestamp was as reported by a scan tool. More logs showing the timestamp can be found on the internet. The file tests clean but it's a little odd that there is no further information when scanned. It looks like people have been testing this file for the last 2 years.


            http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=dc3eda14d223857f128ef43fb9205 71c32285f6721d1c057ae0e0003b1788985-1301189907


            As soon as I get a chance I'll change my signature.

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              Peter M

              Well that's a bit better....hope it's XP Pro SP3?


              I am really not too sure about this so I will flag this and see if I can get someone from the Technical Support department to answer.

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                Thanks. I was in error when I said modified date. Just to clarify the date in the example, the 2067 is the date that the file was created on the system. This is the only file with that date so it wasn't a clock error at the time McAfee was installed. This sample came from whichever version of McAfee is being supplied by Cox to it's subscribers. 2 different scan tools report the same date.

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                  Peter M

                  Very strange, have alerted our own help section so hopefully someone will add their input soon.