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    "RECYCLER" virus - hides folders and makes fake path shotcuts. solution?

      Hello. I've recently got my laptop infected with a virus that creates fake path .lnk shortcuts to every folder in all external storage devices. These shortcuts redirect me to system 32 in Windows. So, instead of having the normal folders, I get these shortcuts while the folders are completely  hidden from view (not with the normal "hideen" option from windows) and I can not acces the files in the folders. Apparently, the computer is not affected in the same way (folders are fine) - so the computer is just carring the virus from one flash drive to another. The only thing that it does to my laptop, is not allowing me to acces any antivirus web sites via my default browser (Opera) and it incapacitates Internet Explorer browser (it doeas not load anything). My question is: if my McAfee Internet Security Suite (with most recent updates) can not find any viruses on my laptop or the external storage devices (I've run full scans on both), what would be the solution to this problem? Can the McAfee team find a antivirus solution for this?

      PS. The folder that contains the virus on the external storage device is named "RECYCLER"  and it contains the executable "BCB4008F41F9651395708C0677F3CBFF.exe". I can only find it on the memory stick, and nowhere on the laptop - it might be hidden under another name, behind multiple Windows folders.