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    BM03b_2328.exe Problem

      Hi - I need help.


      My daughter's PC hasdownloaded somehow an application BM03b_2328.exe yesterday by the looks of it.  It installed a shortcut on the desktop "Best Malware Protection" which points to the application.  This was downloaded despite having McAfee Total Protection running and up-to-date.


      Since acquiring this item, The PC will not open any browser giving an error message relating to writing of data to memory at 0x0040fa55


      I cannot delete the application or the file that contains it,


      Has anyone come across this application and know how to remove it?


      Many thanks

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          Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          If you can boot the computer into Safe Mode and are able to open a browser, this document from McAfee will assist you in your virus and malware issues. Please be sure to follow the steps suggested and run the McAfee Stinger scan which is included in the link.


          It is possible your daughter may have picked this up from a web page she was viewing, an e mail attachment, a pop up ad, etc. Unfortunately no security software can guarantee 100 percent that one would never contract a virus or malware, but it is essential to keep up to date with all security updates as thet become available and this would include Java, Adobe, etc.


          Does you daughter have any of the original cds of the computer from the manufacturer in the event you have to have everything wiped clean to reprogram the computer? Hopefully you will not need to go that far but sometimes if it is a rootkit infection this is the only way to guarantee 100 percent that it is completely removed is to reprogram.

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            Peter M

            In addition to what Tom suggests I would try the following - all in 'Safe Mode with Networking' which is reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up.  It gives you (hopefully) internet access whilst in Safe Mode where malicious files usually can't effect your system.


            Go HERE and download the FREE version.  Update it (important) and run a full scan and let it remove anything it finds.  Reboot immediately if it asks you to.  It should hopefully get rid of this fake antimalware which belongs to a class of objects that fool most antivirus scnanners unfortunately.

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              Managed to fix problem using the Malwarebytes programme.

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                The initial scan in safe mode identified nothing.


                Managed to download the Malwarebytes programme on my computer and transferred it to the infected machine via shared files.


                Malwarebytes program identified and deleted 800 items of malware!


                Able to reactivate browsers by restoring factory settings in IE8 - which also cured problem with Safari.


                Once again many thanks

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                  Glad to hear your issue(s) are resolved and thanks for letting us know


                  Good Luck

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                    Peter M

                    Glad that things are OK now.