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    Need a little help

      Hello all, Today I started to notice a major slow down with both of my browsers.I could not figure out the problem.I decided to do a system restore.It seems to have fixed the browser but of coarse then I could not get my Mcafee Security to work.Real time scanner would not stay on.Even after running Mvt.I have had problems with Mcafee and system restore before so I did the Uninstall /reinstall.Mcafee is now working again but now I am again having problems with site advisor.Since others have been having site ad problems it may be in the Install?My site advisor That was just installed today is back to which i can`t understand since this is a new install.Beside that,S.AD is not working in either of my browsers.But my biggest concern is now when i press the site advisor option button I receive a script error.All Images are below.Any help would be appreciated.                                                 Thanks,newjack


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      Sorry could not add image browser crashed again.Had to use firefox


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          Jayadeep NR



          It seems that McAfee Site Advisor is old version on your computer. Please click on the below link and follow the step. Let us know the output.



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            Hi Jay, Thanks for some reason when I start to download this message appears.  Download may be harmful to your computer??

            site adisor pop up.JPG


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              Jayadeep NR

              No need to worry about it, IE 9 will show this message even if you download an antivirus lol


              on 27/3/11 8:21:14 AM IST
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                I think I am all fixed for now.Thanks jay.For some reason I think it was because I forgot to uninstall from program uninstall list 1st.I then loaded from the old thread and did not recieve the warning .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks again & good night 4 now,newjack