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    Is firewall working?

      I'm running Win7 SP1 and McAfee Security Center 10.5.  Everything is fully current and updated.


      When I open the Home view of Security Center, it tells me that the Firewall is ON.  But, if I check and click on the Settings link, it indicates that the Firewall is OFF and has a button for me to click in order to turn it on.  When I go CONTROL PANEL > WINDOWS FIREWALL, it shows that the pre-existing Win7 firewall is turned off and that its settings are being managed by McAfee.


      Recently, I had a pop-up regarding allowing a program to access to the Internet.  But, it seemed to be coming from the WINDOWS FIREWALL -- and, not McAfee. (It was a large light blue box with the Win7 shield on it.  It looked nothing like McAfee's pop-ups.  This is why I decided to check the McAfee settings.)


      So, . . . is the McAfee firewall actually on?  Does the Win7 firewall sometimes "slip through" McAfee?  Has anyone else had this issue?