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    Weird error message after scanning

      I'm running Win7 SP1 and McAfee SecurityCenter 10.5.  The OS and computer drivers are all fully current and updated.  The security suite came pre-installed on a Dell computer.


      The problem I'm having is this: McAfee scans for viruses, etc. and shows the results.  Then, a box pops up saying: "Message from Webpage -- Failed to create IDispatch."  This most often occurs when I right-click on a files to scan it. (I have attached a .PNG file with a shot of my Desktop, so that people can see what I'm seeing.)


      I can't explain this; it just started happening a couple weeks ago.  Before that, the software seemed to be working fine.  I ran Virtual Technician and applied whatever fixes it said were necessary.  The problem has not gone away.


      Any ideas: (A) what this message means; and, (B) wat I could do to fix it?




      McAfee Error Message.png

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