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    What is the sync interval for password from AD to EEPC 6 (ePO)

      Hi Guys,


      I am just trying to understand how the the password syncronization works between a user changing their AD password and Syncing it up with the EEPC 6 (ePO) , i am experiencing an issue where users are changing their Windows AD passwords every 60 days, when they get the option to change the password they do so, but the time it takes to sync up with the EEPC 6 pre-boot password seems to take an extremely long time.


      I have read the EEPC 6 product guide and have noticed that all we sync up with the EE/AD SYNC task is the containers and any new users, what  i would like to know is how is the AD password for a user updated in the EEPC (ePO) side ? forcing ASCI doesnt get the password synced any quicker.


      any information on how this works would be greatly appreciated.