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    Bug Report

      Hi Guys,


      When using the --email= option from command line, the tool does not seem to send to the correct mail address...


      I have run multiple scans, and each resulted in a mail to Avertlabs...


      Do I need to do anything else to make this work correctly? I am scripting this into a tool that will collect samples automatically, and I need it to send the samples to myself for consolidation.




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          Hi Jan,


          The email option in GetSusp will only submit samples to McAfee Labs - it cannot send the samples to your inbox. The email address entered will get a response back from McAfee Labs on the status of the files along with an extra.dat if generated.


          You could use the --zippath switch to save collected samples to a network share.




          on 26/3/11 1:39:54 AM IST