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    Updates to McAfee are crashing my laptop

      This started after an automatic update to McAfee on the evening of Monday March 21st.  My system basically becomes unusable - open applications go into a "not responding" state (frozen/locked), toggling between open applications becomes impossible, the only thing that can really be done is to manually shut it down (pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds), and restart in safe mode. 


      Although I am not receiving any pop up messages or any messages of any kind from McAfee indicating a virus, I originally thought I must have a virus.  I contacted McAfee and paid the $89.95 for virus removal.  No viruses were found (ticket # 484570-656578117). 


      After the unsuccessful virus removal, I did a system restore back to the afternoon of March 21st.  This worked fine for a while, but my McAfee real time scanning was turned off and wouldn't stay on.  I would turn it on and it would turn off by itself 3-5 seconds later.  After reading about similar issues on these message boards, I prompted McAfee to manually update.  As soon as it was done updating, my original issue returned (system crash).  I then contacted McAfee support and the technician took control of my laptop, took all available Microsoft Windows updates, unintalled Malwarebytes and Superantispyware, uninstalled McAfee, and  then reinstalled McAfee (see SR # 657234622).  As soon as McAfee was reinstalled, the issue returned again (system crash).  I have now done another system restore back to the afternoon of Monday March 21st and once again turned off automatic updates to McAfee. 


      I need this issue resolved.  Although my laptop is now working with automatic updates turned off, this is not a long term solution.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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          It appears like this issue needs some more diagnostics, I have sent you an e-mail requesting for more details on the same. Kindly have it replied so that we can assist you better on this issue.

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            it's now 12:45 PM MST.  i have been waiting for the call you agreed to for 45 minutes now.  that is terrible customer service.  this is serious business for me - i run a small business on this laptop, i cannot afford for it to go offline, nor can i afford for its ongoing security to be compromised because it won't function with your software, and i certainly can't afford to sit around waiting for your phone call.  i'll take my business elsewhere. 

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              If McAfee Virus Removal did not find any virus in your computer I would contact them again and provide the service ticket number and request a refund. I believe you need to contact Customer Service to obtain this refund.


              It may also help for you to post some infomation concerning your laptop such as the manufacturer, operating system, harddrive, ram, processor, etc.

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                Also sometimes these calls from Mcafee support are late. They maybe on another call that goes longer than they hoped. This even happened to me so noone is immune from the unforeseeable.


                If you do not get a call soon post back

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                  the technician who was unable to remove my virus initially already initiated the refund process.


                  i'm done with mcafee.  it wasn't just this specific phone call that came an hour and fifteen minutes late.  it's a pattern of really bad customer service - missed calls, losing connections with techs and not getting a call back, lack of any real means for me to follow up on my issues, etc.


                  i completely uninstalled mcafee and downloaded norton and everything is running fine.