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    McAfee Firewall Enterprise 8.1.1 and Control Center 5.1.1 Updates Now Available

      McAfee is proud to announce the latest software versions for our Firewall Enterprise and Firewall Enterprise ControlCenter solutions.  McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8.1.1 and McAfee FirewallEnterprise Control Center v5.1.1 bring enhanced features for Crossbeam X-Seriesplatforms and provide several other product enhancements.  In addition to these new releases, we have also provided an upgrade pathway to v8.1.1 for all customers currently running v7.0.1.02.


      These items are all available as of March 22, 2011.


      The Firewall Enterprise v8.1.1 release is automaticallyavailable for download from within the Firewall Enterprise and FirewallEnterprise Control Center admin consoles.  The Control Center v5.1.1,Firewall Enterprise v7.0.1.02 to v8.1.1 Upgrade, and Firewall Enterprise v8.1.1releases can all be obtained from the McAfee download server (http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/).



      For more information, please read the following files:

      FirewallEnterprise Release Notes, version 8.1.1 (PD23056)


      FirewallEnterprise Control Center Release Notes, version 5.1.1 (PD23059)


      FirewallEnterprise Upgrade Guide, version to 8.1.1 (PD23055)