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    McAfee Windows Agent Manual installation Missing Information -Manual

      Do we have to edit the hosts file on the ePO server before we actually installing the agent ?




      This method is appropriate if your organization requires that software is installed on systems

      manually. You can install the agent on the system, or distribute the FramePkg.exe installer for

      users to run the installation program themselves. If you want users (who have local administrator

      rights) to install the agent on their own systems, distribute the agent installation package file

      to them. You can attach it to an email message, copy it to media, or save it to a shared network


      After the agent is installed, it calls in to the server and adds the new system to the System



      For option definitions, click ? in the interface.

      1 Distribute the agent installation package to the target system.

      2 Double-click FramePkg.exe and wait a few moments while the agent is installed. Within

      ten minutes, the agent calls in to the ePO server for the first time.

      3 As needed, bypass the ten-minute interval by forcing the agent to call. Use this command:

      CMDAGENT /