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    EPO 4.5 + VSE 8.8 deployment, two users have said it's asking for permission to update.

      I've yet to actually see this message so I don't know if it's McAfee asking to update or Windows popping up it's warning that McAfee needs to be updated. Through manual install, pushed out through Novell Zenworks with a batch file, and deployed from the EPO server I've yet to see McAfee ask for permission to update.


      I'm installing the EPO agent using Novell Zenworks, the batch file silently uninstalls the previous EPO agent (it's pointing to another server and I was uanble to get auth information for importing systems from the old server), silently installs the new EPO agent, and then forces the agent to send properties to the server with cmdagent /p. On the server I've set a deploy task for VSE 8.8. I'm fairly sure that it's not Zenworks asking for permission to run the batch file, as I've never had it do it before and during testing of the EPO agent install it never asked for permission.


      On the server I see the new computers on there, and they are updating to VSE 8.8 without a problm. I've set the task to update every day as well.


      Is it even possible to make McAfee ask for update permission, or are the users seeing things? If it were asking for permission I would expect more users to ask about it, I've pushed out the agent and deploy task to about 100+ users.