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    Assigned Admins cannot log in on local machine to console

      There is an issue with the service. On a local machine we are required to log in as administrators to the console.


      This is as we would expect. However, in practice, the only credentials that are acccepted as an administrator are those of the master administrator.


      Other group administrators are not accepted and we have to either give out the master credentials!!!!!! (no thanks)


      or go and tyoe them in ourselves. For remote support this is a time consuming and incorrect way of operating.


      Can this be fixed such that administrators can log in to local machiens with their OWN credentials.



      BTW - it would be appropriate if this  service had some method of audit logging all actions done by administrators. A


      Pleas ad dthat  to the wish list!




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          Hi Argint,


          I have read your post and I see that you need to create Group administrators.


          Please follow the below steps to create Group Administrator accounts.


          You can add groupadministrators for certain groups and they shall have very limited rights to manage the computers under their group. You can add up to 4 groupadministrator.



          To add a group administratorplease follow the below steps.


          Open the page www.mcafeeasap.com

          Click login on the top rightcorner and enter the Administrator email address and password and login

          On the top, you shall find a tab that says my account, place your mouse pointer on that tab

          You shall get a option like "add group administrator"

          Click on that and proceedwith the online instructions.


          Please be informed that Group administrators can only assign policies, move computer across groups. They can't change/modify settings.



          Pritish P.