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    ePO replication to a repository in remote site failed every day

      We totally have 60 super agent repositories globally. Recently, we found that the daily replicationtask to a repository in a remote site (RIO10001) failed every day. I checked the EpoApSvr.log (attached). It seems that the latest datfile was uploaded to the repository server successfully (see below), but the replication task still failed. Can some one help me on this? Thanks so much.



      20110322220043    X     #12912   naInet   Received response [200 OK] fromServer

      20110322220043    X     #12912   naInet   Uploaded file : E:/Apps/McAfee/EPOLIC~1/DB\Software\Current\VSCANDAT1000\DAT\0000\avvdat-6292.z ipto Server successfully

      20110322220043    X     #12912   naInet   Socket getting closed, Handle9560

      20110322220043    I      #12912   SIM_InetMgr   Uploadedfile avvdat-6292.zip successfully in session 2

      20110322220043    X     #14188   naInet   Socket getting closed, Handle -1

      20110322220043    X     #14188   NAINET        CServerKeyManager::UnloadKeys

      20110322220043    I      #14188   naInet   HTTP Session closed

      20110322220043    I      #14188   naInet   ------------------------------------------------------------

      20110322220043    I      #14188   SIM_InetMgr   Session2 ended, result=1

      20110322220043    e     #14188   SiteMgr   ReplicationThreadProc:Upload data to site ePOSA_RIO10001 failed


      Meanwhile, I have some questions which are related to this issue:

      1. This is any best practices or tips for ePO replication through slow WAN link?

      2. After the replication task fails, can we configure ePO to continue the replication taskfrom the point of failure? Now it replicates the same dat file continuouslywhich is very large. As a result, the replication task takes a very long time and costs a lot of WAN bandwidth.

      3. Can we configure the repository in problem to copy files from a nearby repositoryserver other than from the master ePO server? Or, is it possible to create amirror repository manually by copying (we can use robocooy tool) all files froma nearby repository server?


      Thanks in advance for your help.