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    Mcafee mfehidk event 516 issue?

      Since McAfee upgrade to Virus Scan Engine version 8.8, it has been reported that few machines are suffering from performance issues.



      Issues like general slowness, printing issues, application hangs, computer freezes


      EVENT LOG:

      A system event 516  is logged source mfehidk;

      “Process **\VSTSKMGR.EXE pid (3832) contains signed but untrusted code, but was allowed to perform a privileged operation with a McAfee driver.”



      Upon investigation it seems that the Citrix client is injecting its dll in McAfee processes ( not 100% sure), causing its dll to load with McAfee process, which in simple terms is like a conflict.



      Virus Scan 8.7 had no issues.



      Has any one experienced this??????