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    antivirus plus 2011 with site advisor problem

      I posted this problem in the site advisor section but got no real help. Running Windows XP service pack 3, Dell Inspiron 530.  I access the internet through Verizon FIOS wireless connection with Router.


      When I previously had site advisor in Antivirus Plus 2010 and 2011,  I had no problems writing and responding to emails on Verizon webmail.  Then Site Advisor updated to and now to  the problems with Verizon webmail started. Writing and responding to emails is hobbled by a scripting error.


      Everytime I click on compose or reply in my verizon email I get a long pause and then a Windows Explorer Dialog Box is displayed that says "Stop running this Script?  A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive."  choices are yes and no. If I click yes, I am able to compose or reply again.


      So it's not stopping me from using my email, but just wasting a lot of my time.


      Discussions about this problem say that  by disabling the BHO and Site Advisor, the problem is fixed. and for me this is True.


      Can anyone tell me why Verizon, or McAfee, or Site Advisor, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8  aren't taking responsibility for this Bug?


      I blame Site Advisor updates, because they are the only thing new in my computer at the moment and the problem started with and was not fixed with the recent update


      The Verizon tech set my IE back to default, but that didn't help, it caused more problems instead, which I have finally fixed myself.


      Site Advisor seems not to address the problem at all, and no announcements about it from McAfee either.


      I hate to disable Site Advisor as I enjoy surfing the net and feeling safer than without it , but I have to respond to business emails and send some of my own which takes presidence.   Right now I'm ping ponging between site advisor disabled for emails and enabled for surfing the net. (but this requires a reboot between enabling and disabling) which is another waste of my time

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