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    VSE 8.7i Patch 5


      Hello Everyone,


      Patch 5 is in its managed release phase, where only Tier 3 Support controls the distribution of the patch.

      We have not had the level of participation in this program anticipated, so we are opening the invitation to any interested parties with valid Support contracts, who want to receive Patch 5 during this managed release period.


      You can refer to this forum posting if your point of contact needs clarification on your request.

      But simply, we would need a service request open to track your involvement in the program and would be looking forward to timely feedback regarding your experience with the patch, including number of nodes to which the patch has been installed.


      The targeted posting date for Patch 5 was April 5, however it's unlikely we can maintain this date. A new date has not yet been determined.

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          do you have news regarding an estimated release date?




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            We are looking at April 19 now for the Release to Web date.

            All will be able to download the patch at that time.

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              My company is using McAfee Antivirus System. I formatted system by myself. I only saw 2 folders in the McAfee Installation - ePO Agent 8.5 and VSE 8.7i. The VSE seems old one, v8.7.0.187. I started the installation with ePO Agent followed by the VSE installer. Then, I did the click to updates but it still appeared as 2 seperate icons (M and V) in my system tray. So in that meaning the (M) system tray icon, the "Managed Features" is still disabled...


              I am not sure where to download this VSE 8.7i Patches... I can't find anywhere from McAfee official websites, what should I do then?