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    Service Requests

      Here are some Service Request mockups. Which do you prefer? Why?

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          Richard Carpenter

          I would opt for 2b.  It looks tidier and the fact that the point product and status are summarised in the SR decription coumn means there are fewer columns leanding to it being easier to read at a glance rather than too many cloumns on the summary page, providing the filters for point product and staus could be added as a drop down at the top section.


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            Thank you for this and your posts to the other discussions. In the combined version (the one you prefer), you'd be able to filter by status and product.

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              Agree 2(b) is the better one. Much tidier. One comment though - I believe "brief description" is more important than "SR Owner" (as listed in 1(c)), so the columns should be flipped.

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                As we discussed via phone I prefer 1c.  The 2b might be tidier but we're not coming here for cleanliness but for useability.  Having multiple data elements within the same column removes the ability to sort by those columns decreasing the usefulness of the data in a column.  This then results on requiring to use the search tool to then find data that is still possibly in unsortable fields.  Having data in its own columns allows quick results recognition without thinking as well.  I can look at that table and know exactly what column data is in and zero in on it and worst case sort by the column.  Having to use a search tool to find data on a page you think the data is already on is a loss in time in finding results.

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                  While 2b is tidier, I do like the ability to sort by point product.  My suggestion would be to take 1c and place "Point Product" back into it's own column and make the rows as tall as they are in 2b.