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    Windows not loading - System 32 error



      I have a HP laptop running Windows XP which will not load.
      The error I get is:




      The screen is telling me I can attempt a repair by starting Windows Setup with the original Setup CD-Rom.
      Only problem is I do not have a Setup CD-Rom (I do have 2 Recovery disks from a Gateway Laptop).


      After 'Googling' all morning, I believe this to be a McAfee problem.


      Please can anybody help get my laptop back up and running.

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          Peter M



          You are posting in the Introduction area so welcome to the forums.


          Google does indeed bring up several threads on this but I don't see anywhere that McAfee is to blame.


          https://community.mcafee.com/thread/24512?tstart=0 gives a possible remedy.


          I trust this is XP SP3 and that you have not been running any registry cleaners or optimizers, as they cause this sort of thing?


          What McAfee product are you using so I can move this thread accordingly?


          Try to initiate System Restore in Safe Mode to before this happened and if successful immediately update Windows and McAfee.






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            Hi Ex_Brit

            I realised I had posted in the Introductions section, but was not sure how to move the  topic. I am using McAfee 2011 Total Protection. Also,  XP SP3.


            As to the problem, I have tried System Restore from Safe Mode and the Last Known Good Configuration but I still get the same error.

            I am struggling to understand what I should do on the link you have given - sorry.

            (I did find that on Google before I posted on the forum).


            Thankyou for your help.


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              Peter M

              Ah OK.   That link refers to someone with Enterprise setup so may not apply, or may be difficult to apply in this case.  I moved this to SecurityCenter10 - 2010 as that is what you actually have, relabelled, as I don't believe the actual 2011 product has been released to the servers yet.  Once it is all current subscribers will auto-update to it.


              Is it not possible to use the Recovery Disks then?   That would take Windows back to square one with zillions of updates to be applied etc..


              Let me flag this for a technician and see if they can suggest anything. 


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                Ok - I have been able to borrow a Windows XP CD. I know the CD is good because Ihave just tried it on my computer - all is well.

                However when I load it onto the laptop - I get the same error message. I can hear the laptop trying to read the CD so I think the boot sequence is ok.


                Can anybody suggest how I can load the XP disk to do a recovery?


                Many Thanks


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                  Peter M

                  How to Repair XP Using The Recovery Console Using a CD




                  How to Repair XP


                  Note if you now have SP3 and the CD is not including SP3 you will get an error that the installed system is newer, if you continue you will have to apply service pack 3 when finished.


                  Either way check for updates once done.


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                    Thanks for the link Ex_Brit - but I cannot boot from the CD due to the original 'System32' error message coming up. I cannot get past this point


                    I know the CD is good because I have tried it on another computer and the Windows installation options do come up on that machine.

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                      Peter M

                      If the CD wont even boot I can't see how we are going to have success here at all.  The only option left is to start afresh, format the drive and reinstall Windows from scratch, if even that will work.   You could ask Technical Support Chat for their advice if you want, link is under Useful Links at the top of the page.