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    Request for Advice


      I'm looking for some help / advice.  I keep getting the error message "McAfee Service Host has quit Working" every time I start up my computer.  I know that others have had this issure as well.  I have to admit that I am completely non-technical and know very little about computers, so some of the discussion is just as bewildering to me as the error message itself. We do have a zumo drive installed - does that affect it?

      When I get the message, I do check McAfee, and it seems to be working fine.  So here is what I would like to know - does it matter?  Should I be worrying about the error message or just ignore it?



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          Yep Zumo and Mcafee do not work well. Only fix at this time is remove the HP cloud software. This is being looked into will reask on tomorrow's call


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            Thanks for your comment.  Given that the Zumo seems to be interfering, is it actually putting my computer at risk?  In other words, if I don't remove the Zumo cloud, is it (the computer) still fully protected by McAfee?

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              I am getting our Tech to check that Mcafee service host is intergral to many of the mcafee programs so i would be worrird if it is not loaded. Will get back to u

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                I'm getting a little concerned with McAfee's handling of this situation. I have searched multiple forums on McAfee and I see this issue between McAfee and Zumo is a common problem. It has been happening for some time and McAfee seems to have done nothing to fix this problem. I just contacted McAfee and gave a technician open use of my computer to attempt to stop this problem and he was unable to do so. When I brought up my concern about the link between this error and the Zumo program, the tech told me he had heard nothing about a problem with McAfee and Zumo. This suggests that McAfee isn't doing much to solve this problem. I am getting more concerned of it as I have learned that HP is putting this program out with many of its computers. Personally, I really like ZumoDrive. It is a very good solution for online storage. I use it because of the iPhone app they have available. McAfee needs to realize this is a popular program and allow their program to work with it. I pay for both McAfee and Zumo and I expect they will work together. Zumo is working, McAfee is the program that is failing, so it is McAfee's responsibility to fix their software. Please get it done or I will move on to another security program.

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                  Thanks for the reminder will ping them.

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                    They have limited data re this and need more users to supply same. Can you post in the main thread and ask there for someone to contact you so they can check your PC out and gather logs.


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                      I have to admit that I have given up.  Every time I started up my computer the firewall would crash.  I would have to go into MacAfee separately and turn on the firewall.    Then it would periodically stop working during the session.  Since I was never sure if my computer was protected or not, I finally decided to remove Zumo drive.  I haven't had a problem since.


                      It would be great if MacAfee could solve the compatibility problem.  It does make me wonder what else will make the firewall crash, and if I should be looking for an alternative security program.  I tried to contact MacAfee directly and got no response. 

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                        Peter M

                        At the present time from all the people who have posted here and in other threads on the same issue only 1 person has allowed the technicians to collect logs from his/her machine and without more cooperatiion they will likely never solve the issue especially as it can't be reproduced in their facilities.


                        To contact Technical Support Chat click the link in useful Links at the top of this page and follow the prompts.

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                          Working with the correct error message (McAfee Service Host has stopped working and was closed) I found the following solution in the community,

                          (https://community.mcafee.com/thread/26592) this is dated 25 october 2010:



                          ........, disabled Zumo from running at startup, and now McAfee is running fine.  Started Zumo later on, and still no problem report.........


                          If you do not wortking with Zumo, please supply logs and a screen shot of the error to McAfee engineers as suggested above..