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    Trojan Woe

      I am "up" 3 Trojans, and "missing" 3 dll files (as notified by Windows XP). The Trojans seem to have taken the dll files as hostages when they were quarantined. I am not very computer savvy,,just a mere tinker-er, but I have listed information that seems to be necessary.

      McAfee SecurityCenter, subscription current, version not listed under properties. Updates installed 3/18/11

      I finally found this list last night:

      03/02/11-Detection name: TROJAN Artemis 87D193951EE6 IS QUARANTINED with dll file: WMVZINET .DLL

      03/09/11-Detection name: TROJAN Hiloti.gen.r IS QUARANTINED with dll file: ugezurowovoxad .dll

      03/10/11-Detection name: TROJAN Hiloti.gen.r IS QUARANTINED with dll file: a0083084 .dll


      Detected by McAfee Secuity center.Option to send to McAfee is available, BUT, if I send each and/or all to McAfee for removal, will it ALSO remove the NEEDED dll files?

      I have not turned computer off, letting it go into sleep mode.Rebooting and/or shutting computer down repeats missing dll messages on restart, or added yet another Trojan.

      I will gladly send these TROJANs off to McAfee for removal once I am certain the dll files will NOT be removed as well. If that is not possible, I need to know where to find 'replacement' dlls and HOW to reinstall. I am eager to restore things to 'normal' and run a full scan. Thank you in advance...profusely

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