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    Windows XP corrupt & Mcafee Endpoint Encription v5.1


      Dear all,


      today I've got a windows corruption failure. It is not possible complete windows load in normal mode, nor safe mode, nor debug... I'm getting a blu-screen immediately after windows logon is displayed. Trying boot with a Microsoft CD to repair windows doesn't help: drive C: is not recognized because system starts CD booting before introducing the Endpoint Encryption password.


      Attending to my company corporate policies, my computer has the harddisk encrypted with Mcafee EndPoint Encryption version 5.1. I need access this disk and extract my information before reinstall operating system. I've been reading other threads about procedures for removing Endpoint Encryption, but I'm not sure about if these solutions fit fine for my situation, since I've a computer which doesn't boot and I haven't the computer's configuration file (.sdb) referred on these threads.


      I would really appreciate your collaboration and support.


      Best regards,

      Antonio R.

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