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    Anti-Spyware in EPO


      Hello everyone,

      (Nearly the weekend yayyyyy)

      hmmm strange one this.

      I had VSE 8.8 and Anti-spyware installed on my clients. As they were both reporting back into EPO all correctly.

      I have a couple of queries to show which machines have the Anti-Spyware installed and it was working yesterday morning. But on checking again yesterday afternoon my queries was showing that none of my clients had the spyware installed.

      I checked on my machine ( right click shield, about) and it says McAfee VirusScan enterprise + Antispyware Enterprise are installed.

      I looked in Epo and under my client properties it just shows:

      McAfee Agent, Product Coverage Reports, SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus, VirusScan Enterprise

      and no spyware.

      I have re-checked the extension and software into Epo and tried to install it again onto my machine (plus a few others), but it still isn’t showing as being installed.

      Anybody seen this behaviour before?

      Many thanks for your help in advance.