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    A question about HA for IPS



            I'm confused with a question about ha for ips.截图00.jpg

















      There're 2 links,one is active the other is standby. All deives run failover....

      If the active link which is  connect ed to Internal WAN is down,the switch which is standy by will be active......

      Sensor of how do you know the switch to stand by???

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          Not sure if I quite understand the question, but from a HA perspective, both sensors in the pair share exactly the same info (via the interconnect link).  All TCP flow and state information is shared between both sensors. 


          If one side of the link goes down, the other sensor is able to pick up where the first sensor left off without any issue.   There is no need to notify the sensor which link is active and which link is not.   With the interconnect link, both sensors act as one.


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                Thanks for your answer.