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    Using EEPC v6 on a workgroup computer


      Hello all.


      I notice that the manual adding of users like the possibility in v5 is gone.

      But , is there a possibility to run the EEPC v6 on workgroup clients?

      In this case the local username will be identical to a AD username (SAMAccountame)

      I tried the "Add local domain user" option but this seems to not trigger on a local PC user login. It does not even trigger the activation of the local EEPC system.

      I have also tried to syncronize a AD group containing the same logon name as the local user logging on to the PC. Here the encryption is activated on the PC, and I can log on in preboot . But not with more than one user???

      SO this seems to partly work.... Not tested much on this, and have not tested any other potential side effects..SSO , Recovery etc??


      Any one got any info on this?

      Also like to have the "official" McAfee opinion..

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          The "add domain users" adds domain users who have local cached accounts, so in your workgroup machine, obviously it's not going to add anyone seeing as the machine is not on the domain.


          Not sure why it won't add all the users you told it to though - did you get a log to see what it actually did?

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            I did som more testing in the LAB today, but not finished yet.

            Was able to make it look like you use the same user, but SSO is not working.  Not been testing other functions yet like recover etc...

            Seems like the adding of a group of users worked OK here...


            Could you possibly confirm some issues/questions for me?

            1: When using the Add local domain users it will add all domain usernames cashed on the local pc?? And there is no need to link up a domain user group?

            2: I downloaded the EPELogreader1.11.zip today. Running on a W7. Gor a Script error, but started up OK after this. WHat log is this supposed to open? Path? What i miss from the v5 log is the exact sync info. How the users are transferred to the client etc... (PS: Microsoft IE warned regarding this download?? site warning!!)

            3: Is the number of users in preboot limited by the same as on v5?

            4: Any official max number of users pr machine?


            Customer has been running v5 with ad sync for domain users, and loging in locally in Workgroup with same username. SSO work ok here..

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              there's lots of info on turning the EEPC6 log on in the KC and here - for example https://community.mcafee.com/message/104815#104815


              what was the script error though? What site did you download it from - you don't mention either?


              Yes, the pre-boot has a limit of course, you can find out how much free space from the log again. It depends on too many things to give an estimate - 300 minimum though I guess. You can set it larger in the policy of course.


              the max depends on how much space you allocate - but as always FEWER IS BETTER from a security point of view.

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                oh, and if you want an "official" position - talk to your platinum support person - this is the community, so we just make it up as we go

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                  We seem to be running eepc v5 because of the missing SSO function when trying to log on using a AD connected user in Preboot, and a Workgroup user in windows (with identical usernames). This seems to work OK in v5..

                  See that the SSO info is typing in the local machine name in the Domain field..

                  I have not yet found a way to clear or view ths SSO info on a user in the ePO manager?? Any ideas?

                  Do you know the End Of LIfe on the version 5 EEPC?


                  Regarding the download warning this was from http://sites.google.com/site/ctogonewild/Home/intersting-files

                  No big issue and I assume this is because sites.google.com is been reported as potential spreading "things".. Does not feel so good to get this message anyway....

                  Unsafe message from CTOGonewild.JPG

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                    I wonder who report this site as unsafe to mcafee advisor

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                      it's not SiteAdviser - it's Microsoft Smartscreen reporting the issue. I never noticed it because I use Chrome, not IE.


                      I filled in their stupid form though, hopefully they will just clear the record out...