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    Message "Corrupt-AG!C56EB243769E" after scan

      I did a scan on my Windows 7 64-bit SP1 computer with McAfee Total Protection 2011 DAT Version 6287 and received this message:  "Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\874xhrxe.default\Cache\DAFE379Dd01" "Corrupt-AG!C5EB243769E" but it did not get quarantined. So I ran the scan in Safe Mode and ran "Stinger." Has anyone gotten this message, and how can I remove it. I have attached the scan report and the Stinger report. Thanks for any help!


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          Jayadeep NR

          Hi Brandonsppo,

          Corrupt-AG!C5EB243769E seems that is it is a Potentially Unwanted Program. Usually McAfee will Quarantine it and you can see the file listed in Navigation >>Quarantined and Trusted Items >> Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs. Did you get any restart prompt or any other alert from McAfee. Let me know if you tried to run McAfee scan again and you face the same issue again? What was the status of Stinger and did you get any alert from it?

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            I did not get a restart prompt, nor did it quarantine it. I saw it when I read the scan results. Stinger found nothing. I attached the 2 reports in my first post. And every time I try to send an item to McAfee, I get an error message so I can't even do that. I did my weekly full scan, and it found another item called Artemis!..... I have attached a screen shot of the message I got when I tried to send it to McAfee. You can see the full name in the background. I have also sent a screen shot of my last security report.

            Also, How can I clear the security report?