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    DLP Device Control 9.1 - Repository Documents Scanner




      The cenario have the following products/versions


      ePo 4.5 (latest patch)

      Device Control 9.1


      I've created a Registered Document Repository with UNC \\echozinho\dlp_repository$, with domain admin credentials (just in case) and selected PDF, DOC and TXT. Aflter that I've created an ePO Server task of type 'Repository Documents Scanner' and run it. In task log I've got the following information:


      Summary of scan of 'RDR:Tecnica Projectos Clientes':
      3/17/11 2:15:18 PM > Finished scanning 'RDR:Tecnica Projectos Clientes'. Completed 2 files (2 files or folders failed). See log for more details.


      Inside that log:


      17-03-2011 14:15:16 -> 1:\\echozinho\dlp_repository$\fit2.pdf:FAIL(Internal KeyView error)

      17-03-2011 14:15:16 -> 2:\\echozinho\dlp_repository$\hp lms.pdf:FAIL(Internal KeyView error)




      I've tested with other shares in my network and without any credentials, but the result is always the same.


      Does anyone have any clues on this issue?


      Thank you.