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    Removing EEPC

      Hi All,


      I have one machine that for months has not sent back any logs to the server, or, has any log activity recorded on the local machine.  When you do a sync from the machine the whole sync window is blank, nothing in it at all.  The user continues to log into Endpoint with a really old password.


      Also, I  couldnt send a sync event from the server to it, including a decrypt or an upgrade to 5.23.


      Eventually, I visited & removed EEPC with Wintech, it decrypted the disc & removed pre boot login window.  The laptop logs into AD despite an sbclientmanager.exe error, except that the traymanager icon is still visible (still blank if you go into status).  If you goto to C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC  all of the files are still there. 


      Anyone seen this behaviour before, how do I remove these files ?


      EEPC &EEM server version 5.23, but this client was stuck at 5.1.8.


      Many thanks.

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          if you removed it (ie, no pre-boot), then you can uninstall with sbsetup -Uninstall as per the admin guide?

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            What!!!!!!!  I'm now expected to read documentation, whatever next ?


            Seriously though, many thanks for your help I'll give it a try.

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              You have to finish the uninstall be going in w/ Admin privileges, and running sbsetup -uninstall

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                Does the client have both c:\Program Files\SafeBoot and C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC  ?


                If so, someone may have installed a newer version after the McAfee re-branding over a previous Control Break Intl. SafeBoot install.


                The client s/w does not completely get it that the install path changed. 


                If you look at the sbclientlog.txt file in both folders you will see that the machine might be syncing but it is updating the older Safeboot sbclientlog.txt file but the app is using the empty sbclientlog.txt file in the new install folder.

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                  Yes that's what would have happened. Unfortunately, the user of the machine in question is not around for a few weeks, & of course, has the machine with her, so I cant progress this.


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