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    Alert display HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\HIP State




      the mvt diagnostic task on one of my computers shows us this error


      But  the hips product (8) seems to work fine.


      where can i find an eplication about the state of this key ?


      And just a opinion on the alert display : it would be better to put something between HIP and STATE (just a visual tips) but it's not important of course.

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          Could you please attach the screenshot of the alert or the error you are seeing. I presume you are seeing this in the ePO console when querring the MVT: Healthinformation Report?


          However my understanding on the issue outlined by you is that you have HIPS 8 installed in your environment and you are seeing a particular registry deviation for HIPS 8 product while reviewing the MVT reports on the ePO console.


          Could you remote on to the client machine where this deviation is being flagged and could you check up the registry path

          "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\HIP" and ValueName="State" and verify if the registry entry is present on the client system or not.


          Based on your findings, I will explain this further.




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            yes the error is in this query (health...)


            but i can't disoplay you the screenshot actually because...the corrective mvt task corrected it like yesterday (i forgot to desactivate it)


            i'll hope this trouble will come back tomorrow like it does since two days. Funy to write this ;-)