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    SDHA values

      I know that a lot of the SDHA values are set to "McAfee recommended values" through TRU Response Updates, but on my (inherited) config, there are some that are locked with custom values.


      What are the recommended/default values for:

      Invalid MailFrom (Forged Routing Domain)             

      Forged "From:" email address  



      Identical "To" and "From" Address  


      contains "viagra"

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          The values can change from day to day, but the current values (as of TRUSIGN_TRUMAIN_12_URL_20110317004249_FULL) are:


          contains viagra: 3



          Invalid MailFrom (Forged Routing Domain): 25

          Forged "From:" email address: 6



          Identical "To" and "From" Address: 8

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            Cool, thanks for the info. I've seen readmes (at times) for the various TRUSIGN releases - is there a human readable version of the various settings in a TRU update available?