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    Schedule a recurring scan that runs Friday-Monday?


      This is going to sound odd, but is there a way to schedule a recurring AV scan in EPO but that starts "randomly" between Friday through Monday?


      It seems that I can only do "hours" for the randomization


      Basically we have a bunch of windows servers and right now the scan is set to randomize for 3 hours, but basically they all pretty much kick off within the same time anyway.

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          Hm - looks like the randomisation interface maxes out at 23 hours, even if you have the schedule type set to weekly. I'm not sure off the top of  my head whether or not this is a defect, or if it's deisgned this way for a reason. To my mind the randomisation window should be dynamic based on the days selected to run the task...


          Please open a case with suport for this so that we can track it through to development: if they come back and say that it's designed this way for a reason, then fair neough - we can change it to a PER at that point.


          Thanks -