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    How to remove existing software and Deploy VirusScan Enterprise 8.8

      Hi all


      I am new to ePO 4.5. I installed it on windows server 2003 and sync with active directory. Then I added package in Master Repository and replicate with Distributed Repositories. then I created client task in system tree to deploy Mcafee Agent 4 and it installed on client systems (Window XP and 7). So It became mannaged system now. After that I created another task in client task to deploy VirusScan Enterprise 8.8. I checked log says successfull but It did not installed VirusScan in client system.


      Could someone let me know that how can i deploy Packages from ePO.


      We have to switch Trend Micro to Mcafee. I want to remove Trend Micro client from 150 computers and install VirusScan and anti spam etc. But I have no idea about it. I just came across this software 2 days ago.